"Before the award show"
Made this just now, hope you like it!! :) - Emily

I was at school and bored so I decided to make this for you to enjoy!
Reblog and add what you got, if you want to post this somewhere else (not tumblr) tell us and make sure to give us credit! Thank you.
- Emily

submit make your sentence ideas please!

^ just as the title says, submit your make a sentence ideas via the submit button or askbox.

Good morning(:

Submit some 1D make a sentence ideas…I’m bored haha.

Guys tomorrow (2 years of 1D) we’re going to unfollow all of the boys and trend “#twoyearstoomuch”. If you want to help doing this please do :)

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#53: 1D’s Break

I hope you enjoy, sorry that we haven’t been posting much lately. But, anywho, here’s one about one direction’s break and what you’d do with them :) -Caroline x

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Can i pleasee get credit for this one? <3 x


#52 Memories

Don’t forget to add what you get! :) xx -Emily & Caroline

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#51 Vacation!

Don’t forget to reblog and add what you got! :) - Leah x

#50 Happy Anniversary

Sorry it took so long guys. I’ve been busy and I’m sure Emily, Caroline, and Leah have been too. Don’t forget to add what you got! - Andrea xx :)

We have 1,234 followers. Hahaha I feel like a little kid for noticing that


#49 In Sickness and Health

Don’t forget to add what you got :) - Andrea

Guys I’m really bored so send me anything. I will answer EVERYTHING :) - Andrea xx :)

#48: You got married!

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#47 Vacation

Sorry I forgot to add the ‘I’ after the boys names..

Don’t forget to add what you got :) - Andrea

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