"Before the award show"
Made this just now, hope you like it!! :) - Emily

I’m trying to make some make a sentences so if you have any ideas, submit them and I’ll give you credit. also if you have any pictures of the boys that I can use please send them too :)?

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I was at school and bored so I decided to make this for you to enjoy!
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- Emily

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submit make your sentence ideas please!

^ just as the title says, submit your make a sentence ideas via the submit button or askbox.

#53: 1D’s Break

I hope you enjoy, sorry that we haven’t been posting much lately. But, anywho, here’s one about one direction’s break and what you’d do with them :) -Caroline x

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#52 Memories

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#51 Vacation!

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#50 Happy Anniversary

Sorry it took so long guys. I’ve been busy and I’m sure Emily, Caroline, and Leah have been too. Don’t forget to add what you got! - Andrea xx :)

Happy International Directioner Day

About the nickelodeon stuff:

  • It may not be a show. They never said a show.
  • They were filming at signings. Might be a documentary.
  • They’ll be on SNL to make up for it.
  • They could have said no if they wanted to.
  • If they’re happy I’m happy.

The only thing I wish is that they stay the same. I wouldn’t want fame to change them. I still want penis jokes, talks about Larry Stylinson’s” Techniques and tweets written by the boys themselves.

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#48: You got married!

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#47 Vacation

Sorry I forgot to add the ‘I’ after the boys names..

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#46 Presents

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#45: The Fair

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#44: You’re engaged!

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