"Before the award show"
Made this just now, hope you like it!! :) - Emily

Please read this no matter what you ship.


I’m trying to take a neutral look at recent events and I’m not taking sides so please take a minute (or more sorry) to read if you’re interested :) Just click read more and this is aimed at Larry shippers and Elounor shippers because I have some friends that love elounor and some that love larry. This won’t/shouldn’t offend you  and if it does I’m sincerely sorry and you can message me and I’ll apologize for anything honestly I don’t want to cause problems. :)

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I wrote this on my personal if you’re bored/interested read it and reblog if you agree with me :)

I was at school and bored so I decided to make this for you to enjoy!
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- Emily

Niall Horan’s 19th birthday video!

Since I’ve gotten so many submissions for the Liam bday video, I figured I should post one for Niall as well. :)

So Niall’s 19th birthday is September 13th, as you should know.

Just like for Liam, I’m going to be putting together a birthday video for him, but I need YOUR help! 

If you want to be in his bday video, here’s what you have to do:


  • Make a short video saying “Happy Birthday Niall!” or something along those lines. 
  • Send it to petzgamefan@gmail.com 
  • Make sure to include your real name, twitter name(opt.), and the country you live in in the email!:) 
  • Title the email “Niall Bday Video!”


  • Draw a picture or write a short message that says “Happy Birthday Niall!” or a few sentences saying why you love him.
  • Send it to petzgamefan@gmail.com 
  • Make sure to include your real name, twitter name(opt.) and the country you come from in the email!:)
  • Tile the email “Niall Bday Picture!”

The deadline for the submissions is September 10th, 2012!


submit make your sentence ideas please!

^ just as the title says, submit your make a sentence ideas via the submit button or askbox.

Good morning(:

Submit some 1D make a sentence ideas…I’m bored haha.

Guys tomorrow (2 years of 1D) we’re going to unfollow all of the boys and trend “#twoyearstoomuch”. If you want to help doing this please do :)

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#53: 1D’s Break

I hope you enjoy, sorry that we haven’t been posting much lately. But, anywho, here’s one about one direction’s break and what you’d do with them :) -Caroline x

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Can i pleasee get credit for this one? <3 x


#52 Memories

Don’t forget to add what you get! :) xx -Emily & Caroline

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#51 Vacation!

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#50 Happy Anniversary

Sorry it took so long guys. I’ve been busy and I’m sure Emily, Caroline, and Leah have been too. Don’t forget to add what you got! - Andrea xx :)

We have 1,234 followers. Hahaha I feel like a little kid for noticing that


#49 In Sickness and Health

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Guys I’m really bored so send me anything. I will answer EVERYTHING :) - Andrea xx :)

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