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Anonymous asked:
i've just gone through your whole blog and it's just wonderful :) thanks for entertaining me i appreciate it and love you guys and you guys are super gorgeous like how did you get on the internet you're too attractive for that legit.

omfg wtf who are you let me love you what is this who sent this im going to hunt you down and kiss you

Can i pleasee get credit for this one? <3 x


I’ve got like 20 requests to be in our tumblr family so I’ll be adding you all now so please pacience and sorry for all the asks I will be answering.

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Anonymous asked:
If you were to meet the 1D boys, what is one question that you would ask each of them?

Liam: kdsjghkjasdhfkvlnfg

Harry: ksajfgliwdsghlkjznsgf

Louis: slakjgfkigfavlkjbdlgijb

Niall: aksljdngkisfdhov

Zayn: iwjhefkadshfnuc

ginnypoterr asked:
why is today the international directioner day? o:

I don’t think it’s today… wasn’t that in April? on like the 5th or something? I have no idea :)

Anonymous asked:
why is 1 direction gay?

lets look through what the pictures can tell us

first we have a picture of touchy one direction

second we have a picture of harry embracing lou’s peen

after this we have a picture of Harry snatching liams innocence through his crotchal areas

oh and lets not forget harry at a gay bar

oh and remember when harry humped poor zayn

oh and finally lets not forget harrys great pose whilst on stage

arguably one direction is gay but harry most definitely is xoxo

Anonymous asked:
why does it seem like you never make sentence things anymore? :(

I know I’m really sorry I’ve been sooo busy with school I can’t make them now. Winter holidays should start soon and I’ll try my best to make some. I’m really sorry

doncastshire asked:
i love your blog so much! i would love to be apart of your 1d family...if i could

Okay! Send me a message saying who or what you want to be

beach--b0und asked:
can i be Niall's irish lover in your 1D family? :)


memories-obtained asked:
Can I be a part of your 1D family?? :) xxx

Sure, message me telling me who/what you want to be :)

sp33dy-g0za1es asked:
hi :) i would like to know if i could join ur 1D family?thanks i loooove ur blog :) x

Who/what would you like to be?

accordingtovictoria asked:
Do you think I could be Liam's Childhood Sweetheart in your 1D family?

Added! x

c--elestial asked:
I love your posts so much. :) I literally have ended up with Niall for like each one! Also can I be Niall's one and only everything in the whole entire universe ;) ahah.

Thank you! I just added you xx

Follow her. She's really close to her goal! xx

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